Top 20 World’s Most Dangerous Vacation Destinations

Golf Vacations Are The Perfect Summer Trip

Many people have a ball when it comes to playing golf. Whether it’s nine holes or 18, the sport can be a lot of fun for those who play it. Golfers may get teed off frequenting the course down the road. So many players plan golf vacations to spice things up. Besides a change of pace, there are other benefits associated with these types of trips.

golf vacationsThere’s a pretty good chance there is a course in parts of this country and beyond that you’ve never played before. Scheduling a golf vacation away from home will not just allow you to play on a new course; you’ll also get a chance see other sites in that area. Talk with a travel agent and plan ahead before hitting the links.

Depending on the region you’re headed, the weather can be great for a round of golf in the summer months. Be careful with a summer trip though because parts of the country get extremely hot and humid. Many suggest planning spring or fall trips when the weather is cooler and more comfortable on the course. The greens are often more lush and easier to play on.

Larger cities will have multiple golf courses. Check online to see what’s available and you can plan ahead. Doing that initial research will also help you come up with a budget for playing and enjoying the other features in your destination.

Some locations will offer plenty of freebies to those who play. For example, in Puerto Rico players can get a tour of the Bacardi Rum Factory on the island. That tour can happen when you’re taking a break from the course or if it’s raining or too hot. The best part is the free samples at the end of the tour.

Another popular spot for golf is Las Vegas. There, of course, are the extras in Sin City like spas and the nightlife. In addition to all the above-mentioned advantages, some courses boast so-called sexy caddies. The females don plaid skirts and help keep score. Vegas has several of these caddies, who are trained to be more than just eye candy for the folks visiting the course.

No matter where you’re going, plan ahead. A travel agent can be a valuable resource when it comes to scheduling any vacation. Don’t forget the clubs and bring plenty of sunscreens.

Injury Lawyer For Your Car Accident

There are approximately 10 million car accidents every year in this country. From fender benders to major collisions, there are several things to remember if you find yourself in a crash. A car accident injury lawyer gave us some things to keep in mind in case you experience a car crash.

Car AccidentDo not leave the scene. Get to a safe place and then call the police. Even if the accident is minor in nature, an officer will provide an accident report. This documentation by the police is crucial for insurance and legal claims that may come about. If you don’t think the accident is serious enough for 911, it’s a good idea to program the number to the local police on your phone ahead of time, that way you have it on hand. Remember, one in seven drivers is uninsured. If the crash you’re in involves an uninsured driver, and you’ve made an agreement about the damage payment without police documentation, chances are you’ll be the one covering the expenses.

Stay calm as you exchange information with the other driver. It will likely be a stressful and intense situation, but losing your cool won’t help make anything better. Even if it’s a minor accident, you get the other person’s name, phone number and insurance agency. Also, consider jotting down their license plate number or taking a picture of it. Everything may seem minor at that moment, but you never know what issues may arise in the aftermath of the collision.

Check for witnesses who were not in any of the cars involved in the crash. Collect their name and phone number. The scene may be chaotic, so ask for a business card. If they don’t have one and you can’t write down their information, record it on your smartphone.

Document the aftermath with photos. If you don’t carry a smartphone, it’s a good idea to keep a disposable camera in the glove box. Take as many pictures as you can of the accident scene. Be sure to focus on the damage to the vehicle and any injuries that may have happened as well. Get various angles if it’s possible (and safe). If you are using a smartphone, it’s not a bad idea to get some video of the scene as well.

If the accident is serious, you may need to hire an attorney. Depending on the extent of you injuries or the amount of damage done to your car, an attorney may be the best course of action for you to receive compensation from the responsible person.

Cheap Hotel Room Options In Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland is an excellent tourist destination year round. It has plenty of things to do, including golf, amusement parks, the boardwalk, shopping, and fishing, and the hotel owners know it! The popularity of the city among tourists allows hotels to drive up their rates to maximize profits, making it difficult to stay in Ocean City for a reasonable price. Take advantage of these top 4 cheap hotel rooms in Ocean City for a great visit while staying within your budget.

Ocean City Hotel PoolNumber 1: Grand Hotel and Spa

This hotel made the list partly because of its excellent location and partly because of the value it offers based on its low price and amenities. Located on the beach near Ember’s Island Miniature Gold course and the Jolly Roger Amusement Park, you’ll never run out of fun activities to do within walking distance of your hotel room. Comparable accommodations could cost hundreds of dollars more, so starting at only $69 per night, this hotel is a steal!

Number 2: Quality Inn Boardwalk

The Quality Inn is located directly on the boardwalk, putting you just minutes on foot away from all of the action Ocean City has to offer. Located on the beach, this hotel features two oceanfront pools, an indoor heated pool, a hot tub, game room, and an exercise room. With all of this located in your hotel, there will always be something nice and relaxing to return to after a long day enjoying yourself in the city. And this hotel is affordable, too, with rooms starting at just $54 a night.

Beach VacationNumber 3: Holiday Inn Ocean City

At the Ocean City Holiday Inn, you get a nice, central location that will be a little quieter than the beachfront hotels. This puts this hotel in the running if you’re on a business trip or simply just want somewhere quiet to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of Ocean City nightlife. Featuring indoor and outdoor pools as well as large and luxurious meeting rooms, this is a great option for meeting with clients or ensuring you get a relaxing good night’s sleep to get the most enjoyment out of your vacation. Prices start at just $55 per night.

Number 4: Econo Lodge Oceanfront

As the name implies, the Econo Lodge is located right on the ocean in Atlantic City. However, it also offers a second building right next to the oceanfront one that is located on the street for easier transportation to other locations. It’s only one block away from the boardwalk and offers many popular restaurants, bars, lounges, and shopping centers within walking distance. For those who like to get an early start and power through their day doing fun activities, the hotel also offers a free continental breakfast and free coffee to all of its guests. Rates start a $66 per night, which is very low considering how close it is to all the action in Ocean City.

Honeymoon Ideas And Romantic Getaways

When planning a wedding, the couple spends plenty of time tasting cakes, trying on dresses and tuxedos and listening to countless bands. But don’t forget about the celebration after the celebration: the honeymoon. Eighteen years ago when my wife and I got married, I was in charge of coming up with honeymoon ideas and planning our romantic getaway.

honeymoon vacationBecause we were (and still are) young at heart, the first leg of our honeymoon took us to Walt Disney World. I planned a three-night trip there, which included a stay at what I consider a nicer, more adult resort on the Disney property, Port Orleans. After hopping from park to park and overdosing on the Disney magic, we packed our bags for the longer portion of the trip, four nights at Sandals Resort in the Bahamas.

Beach getaways tend to be popular with honeymooners. Sandals is an all-inclusive resort with locations in St. Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, the Bahamas, Grenada and Barbados. The tropical setting lends itself to a romantic atmosphere, and the resorts are for couples. There’s plenty to do including amenities on the beach, golf and scuba. Something that didn’t matter to us back then that would today is the promise of free Wi-Fi on unlimited devices.

European honeymoons have been popular among many of my newlywed friends. A week or more visiting places like Paris, London and Dublin can offer once in a lifetime opportunities and a chance to see many historic places in a few days time.

Some couples would rather climb aboard the Love Boat and cruise for three days or more on their honeymoon. We took our first cruise about four years after we got married. Like the Sandals Resorts, this particular cruise line was all-inclusive. With breathtaking views and memorable ports of call, this trip was one that made for the perfect second honeymoon.

Your budget may not allow for an excursion out of the country or even out of your state. That’s okay too. It’s my belief that all newlywed couples need to take a few days to get away from the grind of daily life and enjoy some alone time as man and wife. A one-tank road trip, even if it’s just overnight, will give you and your spouse a chance to reconnect and eliminate the stresses that may have come up during the wedding planning. If you have a common hobby like golfing, then you could take a couples golf vacation within your state or a couple states south.

One last word of advice, whether you’re getting out the passport or just packing an overnight bag, seek the advice of a travel agent. They’re a valuable resource and can offer tips and ideas that you may have overlooked. Congratulations on your marriage and enjoy your lives together.