Golf Vacations Are The Perfect Summer Trip

Many people have a ball when it comes to playing golf. Whether it’s nine holes or 18, the sport can be a lot of fun for those who play it. Golfers may get teed off frequenting the course down the road. So many players plan golf vacations to spice things up. Besides a change of pace, there are other benefits associated with these types of trips.

golf vacationsThere’s a pretty good chance there is a course in parts of this country and beyond that you’ve never played before. Scheduling a golf vacation away from home will not just allow you to play on a new course; you’ll also get a chance see other sites in that area. Talk with a travel agent and plan ahead before hitting the links.

Depending on the region you’re headed, the weather can be great for a round of golf in the summer months. Be careful with a summer trip though because parts of the country get extremely hot and humid. Many suggest planning spring or fall trips when the weather is cooler and more comfortable on the course. The greens are often more lush and easier to play on.

Larger cities will have multiple golf courses. Check online to see what’s available and you can plan ahead. Doing that initial research will also help you come up with a budget for playing and enjoying the other features in your destination.

Some locations will offer plenty of freebies to those who play. For example, in Puerto Rico players can get a tour of the Bacardi Rum Factory on the island. That tour can happen when you’re taking a break from the course or if it’s raining or too hot. The best part is the free samples at the end of the tour.

Another popular spot for golf is Las Vegas. There, of course, are the extras in Sin City like spas and the nightlife. In addition to all the above-mentioned advantages, some courses boast so-called sexy caddies. The females don plaid skirts and help keep score. Vegas has several of these caddies, who are trained to be more than just eye candy for the folks visiting the course.

No matter where you’re going, plan ahead. A travel agent can be a valuable resource when it comes to scheduling any vacation. Don’t forget the clubs and bring plenty of sunscreens.